September 22, 2008

Weekend recap........

Friday after work I headed to an estate auction in the historical district (yes, I rode my bike there). They were selling a house and its contents. I really went to be able to see in the house. The house is a craftsman house but kind of a little oriental on the outside. What a neat place. It would need some work but had a BIG kitchen with subway tile and the dining and living room had the wood beams on the ceiling. I later learned the owner had died in February, his family lived out of state and obviously didn't want anything to do with the house and some of his possessions. HOW SAD it was to walk through there and then to see people rummaging through things in boxes. I just watched how careless some people were being. I could not be as disrespectful as some of those individual were to this guys property. UGH......made me sad. There were things he valued and people just did not care. Kris met me at the house so she could see the inside also. Not sure how much the house went for but someone will have a house with a lot of character!

I passed the CPR/AED test and skills test! They have changed a few things, which drives me crazy but I guess they want us to keep spending the money to take the classes. Other good news was that we were to have five in the class and only three of us showed up so the class zipped by VERY fast. We were done at 1:00pm instead of 5:00pm. I was glad for that.

I had ridden my bike down to the Red Cross building and of course the way back was the way I used to ride back home from work. It has a little uphill that I used to get a little winded on. Well, on Saturday this did not happen...PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE!

Saturday afternoon was spend doing laundry and few things around the house. Then it was off to Avera to meet Kris after her class. I decided to ride my bike there also. I took a route that I had thought about Kris riding to commute to work. It worked pretty well except for the road being closed on 9th street. Of course they had just blocked this off Friday so I decided to walk through the mess...I know breaking the law! Anyway the route was good. I hooked up with Kris at said meeting up point and then it was off to Puerto Vallarta to meet friends for the best Mexican food in town. YUM-O. The other fun thing is that we go there enough they know what we like to drink and eat and then we tease each other with is always fun. They always try to teach us some Spanish which is always funny. So I did a little over four miles of riding my bike for errands. Last year I would not have thought twice about taking my SUV. Makes me feel good and even though gas is less now than it has been in a while (Casey's on Burnside $3.17/ gallon), I feel great riding the bike as it is helping the environment and also my health.

Sunday, I took Kris to her last day of class (physical therapist 2 1/2 day class) on geriatric exercises, seems fitting since she just turned 50.....haha, anyway me and the Abester headed to a retail chain store so I could pick up a few things then home to tackle the cleaning of the Bravada. WOW, I shampooooo-ed the carpet, did conditioning of the leather seats, vacuumed it out, washed the outside and of course it rained last night but no big deal. It was very dirty. Sunday night we dropped it off at the mechanics for a new ball joint and other repairs. Last week it was a new fuel pump. Anyway things that needed done before we hit the road on vacation. I am sure our mechanic is going to look at the Bravada and think it is not the same vehicle as he worked on last week since it is SO CLEAN! I only have to do the Rain-x on the windows yet so that is good. Lots of money spent on a vehicle with 158,000 miles but we decided we would start looking next fall so we needed to limp along with the Bravada for another year....I only hope it is nice to us from now until then!

Last night was spent downloading CDs from our collection to the ipod for vacation. I have a lot more to do but we got a good start. Kris got an itunes card from my sister and brother-in-law for her birthday so she is going to download some of her favorite tunes that we do not have. The ipod thing is very fun that is for sure. Amazing technology! We also started laying out things for vacation. Kris's aunt is so excited for us to use the cabin. She also told us to take the pontoon boat out and make sure we have some bonfires......ok, twist my arm! They are so generous!

Well, happy Monday everyone! Hope you all have a good productive week!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I got tired just reading what you were doing!!! Congrats on conquering that hill. You are now ready for the next one. It really does get a bit easier. The "Mayor Slayer" hill is once again the "Dip". Yeeee ha!