March 29, 2010

Rooster, rooster, rooster!

This guy was on the look out for his hen!

No, the eagle wasn't looking for Pheasants, it was flying over the dam. He was a bit out of range for my lens but still fun to picturize!

This hen, sitting on a branch in a plum thicket, was trying to hide from the roosters. She did fly out of the thicket and about six roosters went after her. She did escape!
Not really all in focus but kind of like the movement going on.

This guy was strutting his stuff looking for a hen.
We had ventured down to Nebraska this past weekend to the cemetery in Obert and found a BUNCH of pheasants out showing their stuff! They were all over! Pretty cool to see!

March 23, 2010


Yes, I am still alive............

March 9, 2010


I already have a week and a few days under my belt at the new job. Things are going well. It is a matter of relearning how this company does things compared to my old place of employment. It is odd to start a new job and know some things, so it is not all completely new. I have been busy nonetheless, so haven't been on facebook, twitter and the blogging radar feeds much. The thing I REALLY miss is my boy. After going to work with me in the afternoons for 6 years, Abe is now staying home. I never asked to take Abe to work in the new place and will not, at this point, I don't think. I think he is adjusting better than I am. I miss sitting at my desk and knowing he was within an arms reach of a quick scratching. I have been trying to do other actives with him to make this easy for both of us. We have gone for ice cream, he loves the end of the cone. We are also playing in the backyard at lunch. Makes me feel a bit better and I am guessing it helps him also, I hope! Abe is in charge of homeland security and taking care of Wrigs, the bird.

Last weekend we hit the Sons of Norway torsk feed(no, not Abe, he stayed home!)! YUMMY! You know they call it poor man's lobster right? It was good. Also served was potatoes, lefsa, coleslaw and meatballs all served family style and all you can eat! Then for desert we had orange sherbet or sherbert as some called it. It sounds odd but was a great complement to the meal. Of course there was endless coffee, albeit not egg coffee! We opted for water and milk. It was a lot of fun and ya, for sure, ve vill be goin to tis ting again next year, then there.

We also hit a movie at the cheap theaters. It was Sherlock Holmes. The movie was ok, but Kris was not happy as it depicted Mr Holmes as kind of a wild man. I have never read the books, but in the movie he wasn't wearing the tell tale hat and wasn't smoking his special pipe either. Taking liberties with some of the characters iconic symbols is not right, in my book ; )

Sunday was grocery shopping and trying out a new mac and cheese recipe. Reuben mac and cheese. It was interesting, don't get me wrong, it was good, but not sure I would have it as my go to mac and cheese meal. It has a mustard cheese sauce with corn beef and sauerkraut in it. You can find the recipe on Food Tv as it is a Rachael Ray meal. Yes, I am toooo lazy to post the link, sorry!

The weather continues to be gloomy. Rain, fog, melting snow makes it look so dirty outside. Abe is not liking it either as the piles of snow in the backyard he used to walk all over are so soft he falls through them, now. Makes it hard for us to play out there.

Well, that is all for now. Get out there and do something GREAT this week! You know you can!