July 26, 2009


Had a great time this past weekend. Lots going on in town, that was for sure! Irish fest, Stoggies Steakout, Air show and Rockfest. We hit three of the four events but only took pics at the one event..enjoy!

July 24, 2009

Airshow with the Blue Angels!

Not doing anything this weekend and you are going to be in Sioux Falls? Well, it is as easy as looking to the sky!

The Sioux Falls Airshow will be in full swing both Saturday and Sunday! Read about it here.

July 23, 2009

Win Susan!

Prayers going out to Fat Cyclist and his family! So much of what is going on with Fatties wife Susan is so similar to what happened to Kris's sister, Susan and my mother. Even though different cancer diagnosis. Hard to read sometimes. Cancer is a nasty thing!

I will wear my yellow Livestrong band for the rest of my life in memory of:
My mom
Susan L.
Barb B.
Pastor Jake K.
Marvin J.
Gary S.

I wear my yellow Livestrong band for cancer survivors:
Joan E.
Joan N.
Luther N.
Peggy K.
Aunt Goobie
Many cousins
Celia M.
Amy M.
Gail S.

I know there are many I am missing and the list keeps growing.
Who do you wear your Livestrong band for?

TDF and new team!

Hey, kids..um, fellow blog reader(s) as there might be more than one of you out there, um, well, maybe! Any who....

Are you loving the TDF so far this year? Lots of stuff going on that is for sure and not all good.

First off, I hope Jens heals up after his NASTY fall skidding down the road on his cheek, the facial one, that is! I hope George can find the strength to make it to the Champs Elysees with his bum collar bone. I hope Levi is healing fast from his wrist fracture. I hope Thor can hang onto the green jersey. Have I forgotten anyone? Oh, yes, silly me, I hope Lance can hang on to a podium place!

Should be great to watch the last few days!

BIG NEWS...Lance is forming a new pro-cycling team called Team Radio Shack. I know, I know, not sure this is a great move as there are a lot of other companies out there I think I would have approached as a main sponsor and maybe they did and companies said, "no", given the economic situation and all. Nonetheless, the positive is that it is another American company getting into professional cycling which is HUGE! It shows that cycling is a growing sport and that with the pro races happening in the US it will grow even more!...we can only hope and hope is a good thing!

July 16, 2009

TDF-other American's riding very well!

So the big news on MSN homepage today, about the Tour De France, was that Lance punctured? WTF? Give me a break. He had over 30 miles to go in the stage and had three guys to get him back to the peloton!...non-issue unless you are in the mountains, which they are not at this point.

Apparently no other American is riding in the TDF. Don't get me wrong , I am a HUGE Lance fan and think it is great he is doing so well but, there are other Americans doing some awesome riding. Tyler Farrar, Levi Leipheimer, Christian Vande Velde and yet we hear nothing about them in fact Levi crashed with 3KM to go today and is kind of banged up but we hear nothing about that. Tyler was second in the sprint yesterday and Christian is coming back from a bad crash, broken bones, in the Giro and is sitting in 8th place in the TDF and still nothing about that....come on give the other American riders their spotlight also!

July 15, 2009

Which bike dilemma and fruit!

Where has the summer gone? It is almost MS150 time and I do not have NEAR ENOUGH miles in as you can see by the counter on the right side of my blog page. So, now the dilemma begins....WHICH BIKE TO RIDE!
So, many of you know that I ride my mtn bike to work and I have put more miles on it than on my road bike. I rode the old road bike last Saturday 22.3 miles and of course was sore (my bad ankle and back) from riding it since you sit differently than on a mtn bike. The other thing is that I have more gears on my mtn bike than on my road bike as the road bike has a double and my mtn bike has a triple. Which one should I ride for the MS150? Kind of leaning to the mtn bike...what do you think? I am going to give both a good work out this week / weekend and see what works better but your input is welcome!

(L to R: Cousins Carol, Kathy and my sister Roz-At the Ice House in Yankton!)

In other noise.....last week I had two wonderful cousins visit from Michigan and my sister from Des Moines. What a fun time. They also brought me some Michigan cherries...40 pounds of Michigan cherries. Let me just say, I am not a fan of much fruit but if you get a chance to have fresh cherries and blue berries from Michigan, it is a real treat!

(some of the fresh cherries, pitted and ready for the freezer!)

July 6, 2009

TDF-Stage 3!

Lance moved up from 10th place to 3rd place today in the TDF! Who is the Astana team leader now by 19 seconds?

Should be an interesting TTT (Team Time Trial) tomorrow! Will Lance be back in YELLOW?

Weekend recap

It was a good weekend. We stayed in town on Friday night as both of us were tired and hit the Wild Sage for supper with a couple friends. It was good food. We also ran into some other friends and at a going away party for another friend who is moving to Virginia! Good Luck to you Dellie!Avera is loosing one heck of a nurse, enough though your cure for everything is a enema! Then over to Monks for a night cap. Ran into Mr & Mrs Bite there.

Saturday we headed to Bridge City for the fourth celebrations. We ran a few errands and then headed to MacGilly's (sp?) for supper out at the Marina with Rose. It was ok food. Then back to the clubhouse before hitting the fireworks at Riverside Park in Yankton. I would be scared to guess the amount of people sitting along the banks of the Missouri but it was a LOT! They shot the fireworks off the top of the Meridian Bridge this year. To be honest I thought there have been better shows. Don't get me wrong, it was still good but there have been better ones. I think I like them shooting the fireworks off in the Nebraska side of the river better, as you get a straight on view and there is more reflections in the water. I will have to upload pics later this week!

Sunday we did some picking-up at the clubhouse and grocery shopping for the next few days. I will be in Yankton this week as I have cousins and my sister coming up to stay for a few days.
Should be fun.

Hope everyone had a great 4th and an even better week. See you at FABRAD on Saturday!

Ooops almost forgot. Mac and Gilly added to their family on Friday. Jada and Josie two kitties! We had fun playing with them on Friday! They are sure cute!

July 2, 2009

TDF - who is your GC pick?

I can hardly wait for the TDF (Tour De France) to start! YUP, I admit it, I am a TDF junkie! I just love the dynamics of the race. The strategies that go into it. It is a team sport and some people loose site of that. Without a strong team it is hard to elevate your GC (general classification =overall winner) contender to the top of the proverbial cream of the crop!

So, who will reign supreme? Sastre, Menchov, Contador, Armstrong, the Schleck boys, Evans, Leipheimer or some complete dark horse?

If you want to have some fun Versus has a fantasy cycling team you can create for the TDF.
I need to get my team set yet!

Elvis sighting?

I am pleased to announce this is my 9th day in a row commuting to work! WooHoo! I know there are people out there that have a lot more continuous commuting days but this is pretty good for me. So, I was enjoying my nice leisurely commute this morning. Didn't feel like speeding to work, just taking it all in, you know what ma nature has to offer and all.

I pull up to the corner of Russell and Prairie and another bike commuter pulls up next to me. We acknowledge each other and of course talk about the weather the past two weeks for being so conducive for commuting. This fellow cyclist had been on vacation last week but said the weather this week has been great! The light changed and we were off to work our day away.

Ooop...forgot about the title of this blog. No there wasn't anyone with a white jumpsuit and a cape out there gyrating his hips around with ladies screaming, crying and pining for his scarf. It was the fellow cyclist sunglasses, which were kind of Elvisesque(sp?)....cool dude!

July 1, 2009


Why is it when a celebrity dies, there are always people that cry and carry on when they didn't even know the individual?

Then the celebs life, before death, then after death as to who gets what is plastered every where you look! UGH....

Do people REALLY CARE that much or am I the odd person out here?

If people were that interested in their own family and circle of friends as they are with some celebs lives, imagine what this world would be like!