September 17, 2007

Quliters show and other things

I never thought I would be attending a quilters show and if you know me well at all you would have NEVER guessed that either, but I did! My roomy's sister is a GREAT quilter. She had entered 7 quilts in the state quilters guild show this past weekend and all but one quilt won ribbons! (sorry Jay!) GREAT JOB LIZ!

We did have fun just sitting around and talking, laughing, joking and having a few libations.

On the way home from Huron we stopped at a melon stand and purchased some squash and a water melon. Of course on the drive through Mitchell we stopped at Cabela's. I found a shirt to purchase but was looking for a winter coat and had no luck...oh well.

We got home and watched Butterfly Effect and Invincible. They were both good shows. Hit he sack early. We didn't sleep all that well in Huron. Felt like we were sleeping on concrete with our heads on a slice of bread. Slept good last night in my own bed although it was REALLY quite in the house without Abe there. He was still at the kennel. I picked him up today over lunch and found out he was naughty. He chewed up his dog bed! He has never done anything like that before! I guess he really wanted to go to the quilt show also!

Friday I had my return to the Dr for my ankle. Still is sore but have a different brace I have to wear for 3 more weeks. I have new exercises to do and then I have a return visit to him in 6 weeks if things are not going well by then I am guessing I will see a surgeon. So I am still in limbo with it for now.

September 11, 2007


Hit Bridge City (Yankton) this past weekend for the first annual Rockin Ribfest. We had a good time but no ribs were to be had. They ran out! I was a little bummed as I do enjoy a good rib gnawing but oh well the company was good and so was the beverages and also it was Kris's birthday. We had a couple toast to her 49th birthday which we didn't "rib" her about at all. We ended up at Ben's Brewing Company for talk, laughter and libations. After a few beverages it was back to the clubhouse for birthday cake. YUM-O. VERY GOOD STUFF!

I read that they think they had 4,000 people at the ribfest which is great. I also know that they have figured out were they had issues and will fix it for next year! I hope so the potential is SO THERE to liven up Yankton in the fall!

Oh, ya the Rockin part of the Ribfest was that they featured local bands. They were pretty good from what we could hear.

Mark your calendars for next year as an event to attend!!!

September 6, 2007

September 6th Ramblings

It has been a bit since I last blogged..SORRY! I have been busy at work and of course this darn ankle thing has not been that fun either. I have a REALLY BAD WHEEL is the best way to say it. I hobbled on the ankle for almost two weeks before I went in to see the doctor. Of course it is badly sprained and so he put me in a boot for three weeks. If we can not get it stable like he wants then it is reconstruction time or I guess that would be maybe a retread for a bad wheel. The very least will be a scope to clean it up and take care of a bone spur from a previous ankle break. Anyway not a fun thing. The boot is HOT, CLUMSY and of course my so called friends have come up with all sorts of names for me now.....Bootsey is the one that has stuck it seems. We did however dress up the boot a bit by applying CUBS stickers. One is the current logo and the other is a logo from 1908. They look pretty cool! (Thanks Kris)

Work has been wild the last couple of weeks. Lots of projects that need my estimating expertise (haha) so that has kept me busy.

Went to Yankton last weekend and did make it to and from to the pool without hurting another appendage which is always great. I took the boot off and did some walking in the pool. It felt good but the pool was a bit cool as it was all shaded but that was ok we were the only ones there and that was fun. Did a few things at the Clubhouse to organize more. On the way home we went to the cemetery where mom, dad and my grandparents are buried. Everything looked good there. I changed out the one vase with some fall type flowers. September 2 would have been my mom and dad's anniversary. I am sure they had a great time dancing up a storm since they are together now. I sure do miss mom. Kris and I talked about this as we left the cemetery. How it seems like only yesterday that she died but yet it seems so long ago. There are times that I just wait to see her walk around a corner at the house and say "Where have you girls been!" I know in my head and heart that this will not happen and I know in my heart that she is in a better place but still the pain of missing her is there and I suspect will be for some time.

This weekend we are heading back down to the Clubhouse. Yankton is having it's first Ribfest so that will be fun and also it is Kris's 49th birthday on Saturday so we are going to the community play Fools on Friday night and having a fun party weekend.

I guess I better get to picking my fantasy football team for the weekend. UGH! I need to do better this year as there are a few people out there who have a goal to beat me. I think I need to get serious about my picks!