July 5, 2010


Afternoon, kids.

It has been awhile but this seems to be a trend anymore with my blog. Sorry, other things going on that require attention these days and are a bit more important...sorry.

Random thoughts:

Wallpaper boarder shouldn't take 10 hours to take down when using a steamer.

When tying a mattress and box springs to the top of a SUV, make sure you can still get in the SUV and didn't tie the doors shut.

Things ALWAYS take longer than they should.

Beergina still has a LOT of beer in her.

Why don't parents teach their kids respect anymore?

I am blessed to have truly awesome friends in my life.

After three applications of Off the skeeters still bite.

How many skeeter bites can I get in a season?

Loving my Versus HD and DVR to watch the Tour De France!

Thank you to all that have fought for our freedom.

What happened to, "kids are meant to be seen and not heard?"

Nasty TDF stage today, lot of crashes, I don't like that much.

Have I told you how much I HATE CANCER?

Wish I had more four day weekends.