August 30, 2009

Weekend recap in a few words

Met cousin at a bar in Tea
Found out the bar was karaoke hell on Friday night!
Farmers Market
Manna Bakery
Dean-o's (breakfast)
Yard work
Beer can chicken
Fresh grilled veggies from the Farmers Market
Slept in
Canned pickles
Trips to the Outdoor Campus and Falls Park for pictures

Please keep Mr and Mrs Hooterville Mayor in your thoughts and prayers as Mrs Mayor recovers from surgery.

August 27, 2009

Bike trail section being repaved!

The Bicycle Trail from Maple Street to Diversion Dam Closed Starting Friday for Repaving.

The bicycle trail from Maple Street north to the Diversion Dam will be repaved beginning on Friday, August 28, 2009.

During construction the east side of the levee will be used as a detour route. The trail is expected to reopen by the end of September.

For a map of the on-street alternate route and more updates on bicycle trail construction projects go to



August 26, 2009

Images at Terrace Park

Coming in for a landing!

Tri-color bumble bee!

This little lady liked to strike a pose!

August 25, 2009

RBD Fireworks

August 24, 2009

Riverboat Days and bicycle races!

Another busy weekend! WOW! Friday found us heading to Bridge City for Riverboat Days. Always a fun time. A stop was needed at Charlie's for PIZZA, then off to the river for fireworks.
The fireworks were awesome. It was my first time using a remote switch with my camera for shooting at night. It was hard since they shot fireworks off from two different areas. I think I got some ok ones. I will try and post some later. We did go back to the Clubhouse and look at a few since I finally figured out how to hook the camera up to the TV to view the pictures!--DUH!

Saturday we had quite the lucky day. We hit the Belgian waffle feed for breakfast. As we headed into the venue, there was a lady that asked us if we needed tickets. Of course, we said yes and she gave us two free tickets to the feed. SWEET! Savings of $12 for two tickets! Next we were off to Gundy's farmers market for some veggies. We picked up fresh potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, onions, loaf of bread and squash for $17. Good fresh organic bargain! After a stop at the Clubhouse to drop off the produce we hit Riverside Park to go through the arts and crafts areas. Purchased a few things but nothing really wild. Headed to the food tent area and ordered lunch. Should have received $9 back from our change but got $11 back! We didn't really realize it until we were far away from the tent. Savings of $2! We made it back to Sioux Falls around 8pm.

Sunday was the Avera Downtown Sioux Falls Criterium. What a great day for bike racing! We had a great crew officiating which made it a lot of fun! Central Plains Cycling puts a lot of work into this race and it paid off. Everything ran supper smooth which makes the officials jobs a LOT easier! If you helped out with any part of the race this past Sunday - THANKS A BUNCH!

A great weekend was had but I am tired! I sure hope you all enjoyed the weather out there this past weekend!

August 20, 2009

Weekend images

Me being the "whip" at the start of the time trials in WY.
Dave getting ready to be the moto-ref for the time trials in WY.
Dustin Bakker (L) and Glen Houts (R) getting
Gregg Gleason (on the bike) ready for his time trial.

Following wave #2 of the road race down Spearfish Canyon.
Queens lace along the canyon road.
Yes, I shot these after the race was over!
Bridal Veil falls in Spearfish Canyon.

This is located along the interstate at the 1880 town. Very funny!

State Criterium race!

If you like to watch bicycle racing, if you have never seen bicycle racing or if you have an itch to race your bicycle, then come on down to downtown Sioux Falls and catch the Avera Downtown Criterium, this Sunday!

Races start at 8:45 am with the last race scheduled to start at 1:30 pm which l run for 60 min.

All the particulars can be found here.

Spearfish Canyon!

Hello, to the three people that read this blog. Sorry it has been a bit between entries. Blogs seem to suffer a bit during the summer, as it is a busy time for most!

Kris and I had a great time in Spearfish this past weekend. I was there on "official" business with the state road race and time trial events, dubbed the Tour de Fish. It was a great race and great scenery driving through the canyon! Seems this year the canyon is the best I have seen it in a while. Nice and green with lots of wild flowers and even Bridal Veil falls was flowing! We even ventured over to WY for the TT race! That was a first for me, traveling to WY that is, and not sure I would like to live in Beulah, but the site works great for a TT! Lots of windshield time, over 900 miles, but well worth it. Even though I did officiate, it was a relaxing weekend.

I guess, going down the canyon at 15-20mph, following bikers for 72 miles was not enough. We had to drive it again so we could stop and snap some pics. Of course I haven't had time to even download them yet! We also met up with some friends in Deadwood for supper before heading back up, you you guessed it, the canyon again on Saturday night. The top of Aztec was in the clouds and the temp was 48º! It was cool that was for sure but still nice.

I will try and get some pics uploaded this weekend. Have a great weekend everyone!

August 10, 2009

Keep fighting the fight!

RIP, Susan.......

Weekend update

We had a good weekend in Yankton, Grease-the musical, Ben's, Charlie's, The Ice House, 7, Murdo's, Dakota Territorial Museum, drive out to the lake and around many small communities in NE. Our plans had changed a bit when Kris's mom fell and broke her arm but we still had a good time. Here are a few flower pics form Kris's moms flower garden.

August 2, 2009

Weekend of images