April 25, 2007

Cubs Ramblings

AGAIN.....Mark Prior is out for the season after having exploratory shoulder surgery yesterday....AND....AGAIN...Kerry Wood is on the disabled list with tendinitis. When will the Cubs learn to cut their losses on these two guys? It is amazing to me that they are still Cubs as fast as we go through players at times. I guess the point can be made that the organization has invested a lot of money in these two and they are trying to get their money out of them.....to what point? I am so VERY tired of this....TRADE THEM AND MOVE ON!!!

Ron Santo the beloved Cubs 3rd baseman ---that should be in the Hall of Fame--has been missed from the last few games, has been in the hospital with an irregular heartbeat. Sounds like he is home now and is doing better and to rejoin the Cubs broadcast soon.

April 23, 2007

Similar, but different!

This past weekend we went to my hometown of Yankton, SD. We had a great time. I was antique hunting. My mom left me some GREAT dishes that have been in the family. I thought the best way to display them was to maybe try and find an old china cabinet similar to my grandparents. Their cabinet was nothing fancy since they were just very simple folk. I have been on the hunt for this for awhile but have not been able to find what I was looking for. I then decided that the amount of dishes I do have would not have fit into the size cabinet that my grandparents had so I was looking for something similar, but different! I found what I was looking for and I should have it in 2-3 weeks. Not much to do to it as it was already refinished. I only have to replace the wood shelves so that is not a big deal....the bonus find was parts to a old wood desk. It is the two tower (vertical) drawer sections and the middle drawer so I will only need the desk top to complete the set. I can get a door from my work place to finish it off and have a new to ME computer desk!!! I CAN'T WAIT!

The other fun thing was that we spent some time with one of my mom's friends. We met at a bar and had a couple drinks with her. She is an awesome lady that I proudly call family!!! The bar we went to is a non-smoking beer and wine bar named Hugh Glass. Great little place with lots of variety of wine and beer. They even have the nectar of the God's on tap...Newcastle Brown Ale!!! Might have to hit that place this summer as they also have an outdoor patio.

It was a great weekend even though it ended with LOTS of rain!!!

April 19, 2007

April 18, 2007

Going to miss the snow?...Abe is!!

It seems that Abe is bonding with the last bit of snow in the front yard. I was raking the front yard and decided he needed to be out with me. He usually lays in the shade on the driveway but not this past sunday...he wanted to lay in the last snow of the year. He is such a goof but a GOOD BOY!!!!

April 17, 2007

Bad week and it is only Tuesday!!!

Well, this has been a nasty week so far!!!

I feel so bad for all the students / families / faculty at V-Tech. How can someone kill another person let alone 32 and hopefully no more will die? I mean come on. If you want to do the selfish act and kill yourself then go ahead and do it but leave everyone else out of it. What could this have possibly accomplished? Furthermore the media takes all of this and RUNS with it. Why do we need to know the shooters name? Isn't this just fueling the fire for others to try and make so called "history" to get their name in print and try to one up this nasty carnage?

I am in the construction industry and what this will do to our industry is make more money for the security and hardware companies. Don't get me wrong I am all for our company and others making money but this just seems so wrong somehow..........

I am also so very tired of the media trying to point fingers at V-Tech about how they should have locked the campus down. I think this adds fuel to the suing fire that Americans love to pounce on. No one could have predicted the massacre was going to happen based on what happened from the first two murders. V-Tech I am sure would not put it's students in harms way if they could help it......where is a crystal ball when you need one!!

Continuing on with the bad news this week.............
Rest in peace Morals!!! (friends cat)
Rest in peace Frank!! (family friend)
Get well Arla!! (friends mom)
Get well Molly!! (friends dog)
Thoughts and Prayers to Valoy (brother died)
Thoughts and prayers to Monica (mom entered hospice)


April 11, 2007

Snow in April?

I can't believe it. We had 6.7 inches of snow yesterday and through the night with another 2-3 inches today. It is all slushy wet stuff. The way it is going it seems we will not have sunshine and great weather until JULY!!

One good thing about today is that the Cubbies didn't loose!!!.....well the game was postponed due to snow in Chicago but it is not a loss!!! Maybe this will put an end to the three game skid they have been on. They are only a game back in the NL Central at 3 and 5 so far. I hope for once they can have a winning season!!

April 6, 2007


Well, here it is the beginning of baseball and of course the cubs are falling behind. We are 1-2!!! The only good thing about this season so far is the fact that the CARDINALS are in the basement at 0-3!!! I can only hope the Cubs pick it up and show some spark. I know some of you are thinking..Hey, there is a lot of the season left!! Well here is my reply.....It is time for the Cubs to show the world they can play baseball and make it to the World Series. There was a LOT of money spent over the last year for this team to be a loosing team. I mean come on...they had to sell adds to put out on the doors in the brink and ivy wall to help pay the salaries!! I wonder how Harry Carey would feel about that?..HOLY COW!!! I am sure he would be fine as long as the team puts up numbers.....the time is now!!!


April 5, 2007

Beer Fridge

The best Beer Fridge sign EVER...
well, except for the type of beer, but the point is great!!!