January 24, 2007

Dirty Jobs

Watched Dirty Jobs the other night. Mike Rowe was logging with two guys and their 4 mules.
The funny thing was this one guys last name was Butt. A Butt with 4 asses..........I guess it is best he is a logger with 4 asses than a proctologist..........paging Dr Butt to the G.I Lab, Dr Butt to the G.I. Lab..........UGH!!!

Random thoughts

Not much going on seem to have picked up the wonderful cold bug going around. Lost a couple days of work because of that pesky little germ. My Roomy is trying to drown it with tea and all sorts of meds but not really working all that well. Like my mom would say....take a nice HOT bath, 2-asprins and go to bed. I think she was right. That is the best.

Had a good weekend. Went to the old home town to watch the girls basketball team play..well really to watch two of our friends ref the game. What a mess. The BB-Team didn't look good at all. Pretty sad. The refs did a good job as usual. They even handled the heckling from me pretty well! We hit Charlie's after the game...WONDERFUL PIZZA! I think they are the oldest pizza joint in the state. We had a pizza and a few beers and then looked around at about 10:30pm and we were the only ones left in the place besides the bartender!...YES we closed the place down..leaving at 11:00pm. I could not believe it. We did however watch the bartender spill a whole glass of beer...I think he might have been having a few along with our table! We were drinking Wild Hop. A new organic beer. I think I am still out on if I like it or not. In our group it was 2-really like it, 2-not sure and one -NO....add another really like it to the count for the bartender! It was really hoppy and more carbinated. It did taste more like a home brew.

We hit the "clubhouse" after closing down Charlies. One of the group decided that her 24 hour contacts had trouble seeing and went to bed. That left two of us up to solve the worlds problems well at least maybe mine and of course there was beer to drink! Thanks, man, I really needed that!! We finally headed off to bed at 2:50am!...UGH...I of course woke right up at 8:00am. WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD can we not sleep in when we get older?.........I don't get it and it is really pissing me off! Oh well one more question to ask God during my inquisition once at the pearly gates..the list is getting LONG. I hope he has blocked off a big time slot! We got a few things done at the clubhouse and then headed back home. Had fun on the way home making up words to songs....which is always fun messing up songs for other people! I LOVE IT! We had some good ones but I can't remember what they were. Well at least three of us had a good laugh over it.

Future planning......Wine club next week-our wine place moved into a new joint so we are pretty excited about seeing that, have a couple of bike rides this summer to do and of course we have out DISNEY vacation in a few weeks so have to get on with vacation training!! I am so stoked for that! We really need time away to relax, enjoy friends, good food, good wine and to feel like a kid again....if that is possible!


January 18, 2007

Getting started

I guess it is time to get started on training for vacation!! Can you believe that? I hope you are sitting down as you read this! Yes, we train for vacation. We (me, the roommate and four other friends) are headed to Mickey's house in Florida in March! I am starting to get excited after the whole airline thing that put me in a BAD MOOD I have gotten over that it seems and getting fired up. Now what to do.....hmmmm.....there is walking on the treadmill.....and there is biking on my mountain bike that is on the trainer.....guess maybe a nice easy walk might be the trick to starting. God knows I would not want to break a sweat to early on in my training! Yes, in deed that is what I will start with....maybe crack open a Newkie Brown and sip while I walk....this training thing it is sounding better all the time! We do have to consume a few libations at Disney World so I guess having a Newkie Brown is also training.....ahhh...wonderful!!! I LOVE IT!!!

January 12, 2007


Today was not a good day. We are going to take a vacation in a few months to where else.....DISNEY WORLD and I have been waiting for the airline tickets to come down in price. They have been terrible flying out of Sioux Falls, at one point over $500!!! This is so very sad when you have budgeted $350 for tickets. Well, we decided that to save money the group (6-of us) are not going to fly out of SF and decided to travel to the south to catch a flight. Two friends decided on Sioux City and the other four decided on Omaha. We had been watching the rates for almost the last two months and pretty much the last few weeks......yes, I can say it, obsessed by it!! We have been so frustrated at how the prices have bounced around so much durnig the day, it is amazing.

Well, long story short I made one reservation for the day we were wanting to leave and got a GREAT price out of Omaha at $198 per ticket. I was pumped. When I got the confirmation it seems we were not going to spend 10 days at the wonderful world of Disney but we were just flying down for the day and then back that night!! Now given that would be fun to do sometime but this was not the plan....Seems I had messed up the return flight date.....sounds like something one of our other traveling friends would do, but I guess it was my turn in the barrel. I get the flight canceled costing me $30 and then tried to rebook at that same price...CHEAP FLIGHT GONE!!!......DANG IT.......so, we looked at other flights and found one that will work and of course is a little more than our budget but from what I understand being that it is a popular time to travel and that the airlines are not into the fare wars like in the past with all the mergers, cost of fuel and the already cut back staff and services...I guess it was a good deal. The bad thing is that I had to go to the emergency room to have the phone surgical removed from my ear beings that I spent two hours on the phone talking to one of those on-line travel reservation places to get things straightened out with canceling the one day flight to Florida and making the new reservations.....it is only time....time, of what we all have BUNDLES of to spare...time, that I really love to share with someone that can barely speak english and have to ask them to repeat things numerous times......time, that I should have been making up my Disney tour cheat sheets (yes, I am anal about travel plans).......

All in all I am not really releaved that the flight reservations have been made. Somehow I feel like I have been violated in some sort of strange twisted way. I didn't enjoy it and no I am not smoking a cigarette in honor of my "encounter". I feel that I am allowed to fume a little more ......pop...glug, glug glug...aaaaahhh wonderful libations!!!