June 26, 2007


I am tired of the HEAT and HUMIDITY! Not sure what it is out there today but it is nasty! We had to leave the A/C on all night last night and it was like walking into a sauna this morning outside. Abe is not a HUGE fan of the heat either he gets mopey...as do I it seems.

On a lighter note we closed on the "Clubhouse" last week. Me and five other friends went in on a townhouse (my mom's old place) together and now we have a vacation home an hour and fifteen minutes away. We are all very excited to make it our own and look forward to the time that all of us including our extended family there can celebrate our ownership!

Since retiring from softball, I have been talked into playing one tournament a year. It is the 35 and older state women's softball tournament in Pierre. We have won back to back titles and are hoping to "three peat in the Heat" this year but it is not looking so good. We are all getting older and having more aches and pains and other things going on that we are short players this year. Not sure we will be able to field a team but we will see. Two of the players are going to hit the games tonight hard to find more players so we will see. It is usually NASTY HOT the weekend of this tournament. Last year it was 104 and the year before 107 and windy. It was like playing softball in a blast furnace. NOT FUN! We did however come home with lots of BEER. Yes it was way to HOT to drink beer if you can believe that.

The Sioux Falls Parks Department FINALLY finished the bike trail around Sioux Falls. There was about a 2 mile stretch that was still dirt but now is black top and was opened yesterday. It will be a nice addition. The only problem is that they are raising the dike system around the diversion ditch in some areas so you still can not actually make the loop all the way around without detours. In the future they will be adding onto the trails and that is aways good.

June 8, 2007

Bicycle Lift in Trondheim, Norway

If they had one of these on EVERY mountain stage on the Tour De France, I might want to ride it!!!

It has been a while!...SORRY!

I guess it has been a bit since I last typed about my life. Not really all that much is happening just kind of going through the motions the last few weeks it seems. The weather has been crappy so no ladies night at BVGC the last two weeks so we decided to sit and drink last Wednesday night. Got to love the Rockets (2-pitcher container filled with beer with a tapper) at the Keg!!! Good time was had by all.

Last night a couple of our friends were having a garage sale so I tried to trade a 6 pack of bud light for a Harley but no go I guess. We also dropped off a bunch of books at another friends house for her to read...you will be busy for a bit there bud....that was enough books for the rest of my life to read although I am on a roll. I have finished one book and 7/8 ths done with my second one..wait for it, wait for it..THIS YEAR!!! Of course they are about the Tour De France and Lance Armstrong.

Heading to the clubhouse for the weekend. Should be fun. Going to a community play Saturday night. Will be fun to kick back, relax drink Old Style and watch the Cubs!!

Peace out............