October 26, 2006

Tez -1 snowblower - 0

Hello all, well as most of you who would read this blog know that last fall for some unknown reason I tried to see how a shopping news newspaper would react when spewed from the chute of a 7 hp snowblower.....and as most of you know the results....NOT WELL!!! So in an attempt to regain power over my snowblower and an ad ridden rag I tried to dispell the rag using numerous forces: chisel and hammer, screwdriver and hammer, box cutter and hammer (not really but I was going for a trend here), and of course the one that everyone cringes at....trying to light the lodged newsprint on fire! Not sure what the big deal was there, I had the snowblower out of the garage and a cool whip container full of ice cold water in case she started going up in flames. It didn't catch fire.....
end of winter season early 2006 paper still lodged.......Snowblower 1 and Tez--zippo

So this fall before the snow starts to fly...oops guess I missed that one...ok before the snow starts to stay around I decided I needed to take the snowblower by the handles and show it who is boss! I got this wild idea that a hand chain / wire saw was the answer to get the lodged shopping news un-lodged. I threaded the saw through the back of the lodged paper and attached the key ring to the end of the wire and started in a sawing motion back and forth with my arms. It was working quite well and as I was thinking I was going to win this battle the wire BROKE!!! DANG IT...well I said a few more colorful words that my dad would have been proud of...anyway I went back to the chisel and hammer. As I was smacking the chisel I noticed that part of the auger was turning so I took the wire off the spark plug...good thinking.. bet the ones scared of the snowblower going up in flames would not have though of that one...touche I say!!!...anyway a few more whacks with the hammer and chisel and it was free at last!!!...OH YA I AM GOOD!! hahaha.....so I decided that I need to start the snowblower and make sure the auger was working....the old girl kicks right off and I pull the lever to start the auger and it was like midnight on New Years Eve.....confetti everywhere...well ok... newsprint everywhere!
It was a very joyous celebration for me!!!

This fall...Tez 1, Snowblower - ZIPPO!!!

October 20, 2006

Disney here we come........

Well we got our traveling group together the other night for supper and Disney planning. It was fun. I made pizzas and we tried to plan our trip. We still have some things that need to be worked out first before we can make our dining reservations yet but have it down to a few of the good ol'favorites. Fulton's Crab House, Jiko, California Grill and 50's Prime Time. The first three have AWESOME food little expensive but WONDERFUL food. 50's Prime Time is basically good comfort food but the whole experience there is just a hoot!!! We have eaten there two times and had a blast each time. Of course we did get yelled at for having our elbows on the table and also one of our friends ended up having their last bit of food served to them by our waiter "Cousin Christopher" which was fun. Then of course when you are done with your main meal it is on to the desert menu......it is on a view finder! What a hoot!!! It is a very fun interactive experience there and of course our group loves to have a good time when we go out so this is always a blast going to 50's Prime Time. The last time we went to Disney we went to California Grill. WHAT A VIEW!!! Well first it seems like you are going to some very secret private club as you check in on one floor then the host comes and gets you and takes you up in the elevator. Once on the dining room floor the view is amazing! It is at the top of the Contemporary resort! We saw the sunset that night over my creme brule!!! If you have never done California Grill you are missing a lot!

Some of us are very anal about our travel to WDW that I am kind of surprized there is not luggage out yet with clothes packed already!!!!!.....yes it is me the anal one for traveling. I got the bug I think when we would travel to tournaments for softball. It made things so much easier when we had reservations for places to eat when at tournaments. I guess now that has carried over into our vacations and we do try and make all our supper reservations for our vacations before we head out on our adventures........I have also turned a few of our friends to this dark side of my planning. They have had the experience of traveling with other groups and did not like it much when things were not planned.

This will be our sixth trip to Disney! The most fun we have had is during EPCOTS Food and Wine Festival. It is a great way to sample food and wine from specific countries. A few of us like to try different foods and wine so this is right up our alley! Of course there was a time when one of us (NOT ME!) was over served, started speaking a different language and delayed out Mission Space ride the next morning by a few hours.....sorry man....I know it has been a few years ago but it is still a great story and makes me smile everytime we talk about it!!!

We have lots of planning yet to do and I am sure it will all come together soon!


October 5, 2006

Wine Club

WOW!...what a blast we had at wine club the other night! It was French night! Lots of really different wines that I can not even think about spelling...not that I tasted too much wine but I am not huge on the French lingo. Any who I do remember a few. One was Lillet which you mix with club soda or Asti. It was good. The other was champagne with pomagranite liquor which was good also. My favorite was a red we had and I have no idea what the name of it was as I do not have my notes but it was good! Then we had our desert wine. This was by far the most expensive wine I have tasted..$85.99 per bottle! It was made with grapes from the Rothchilds area that had noble rot. VERY GOOD but you would not want a lot of it. The food was great as always! Leek soup, puff pastries with brie cheese, vegetable tourin, duck with sweet potatoes and burgandy sauce, candied walnuts, some sort of blue cheese like cheese, champagne grapes, baby scallops served on an artichoke leaf with a lemon butter on it...YUM-O!!!

As always it is fun to try different wines and food that you would normally not order after all it is about the Journey!