October 8, 2011


This past week a friends mother passed away. Just 2 1/2 months earlier his father had passed away.  It was all surreal standing in the funeral home today, seeing the same people just a few months earlier.  I didn't know his parents very well. I had only met them on a few occasions, but I still know the hurt of how it feels to loose both parents even though mine had passed 21 years apart.  I can't imagine what he is going through.  So many mixed emotions, I am sure.

A few weeks ago the two of us sat and talked about the lose of his father. He was surprised at just when he thought he had his emotions in check...BOOM... something triggers a memory and soon the tears and emotions take over. I reassured him that it was normal. Everyone has those feeling, heck I have them to this day and it has been 5 years since my mom passed, but there is something about loosing your only living parent that makes it feel so different, no matter how close you were to them.  It is almost like you are grieving for them both, that you don't have a home and you are just floating out there somewhere, even though you have been on your own for quite some time or is it our own mortality kicking in? 

The only thing reassuring is that friends help us through these times.  I am here for you bud...........