August 13, 2007

The pool is finally open!

The pool at the "Clubhouse" is finally open! I know some of you are saying WTF why now since it is the middle of August! The pool was down all last year with issues and they were finally taken care of this summer. It took them some times to get the right people to do the job and let me say WOW! It is REALLY NICE. I think the last time I was at the pool with some friends was YEARS ago and it was not in the best of shape. Now it is AWESOME. They fixed the pipe, mudjacked the bottom, sandblasted I think I had heard five layers of paint off of it and then repainted it. We had a blast there this past weekend and now they have scheduled adult swim time from 9p-11p every night. So of course we had to try out the adult swim time also but I fell in a hole and messed up my ankle so that was a major bummer but we still had a great time.

So now with the ankle thing my golfing and biking will need to be delayed...DANG IT! Oh well, I will survive.

Heading to Riverboat Days this coming weekend so more pool time (I will watch for holes this time) and relaxation!

August 7, 2007


I have not been on the bike yet....I golfed bad last things are going great so far!..hahaha

It was the PanCan golf tournament this past weekend. We (our team) ended up in 2nd place in the first flight so that was good but I golfed terrible. The last two times I have been out it has been bad. Not sure what is going on there.

It was great to see some old friends golfing but I also met some new ones. I got to spend some time with those WILD ladies from ladies night that are always done golfing before we are. What a hoot they are. That was fun and they can take a joke pretty well.

Peg is now a 6 year pancreatic cancer survivor! Amazing that she was only given two months to live by an area doctor. There was also a 10 year survivor there that brought people down from Minneapolis to golf. That is pretty cool to see. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK PEGGY!

The down side of the tournament. I guess I had not even thought that this would bother me but it did. As we came up to each hole there would be a sponsor of the hole and sometimes a survivor's name or someones name that fought the fight and lost. Even though my mom did not have pancreatic cancer it still hit home. It was about this time last year that was kind of the beginning of the end of my mom's life. She had all of her bottom teeth pulled because there was a tumor growing in her jaw bone and down into her neck area. Then a couple days after she was home she broke her arm trying to get up from the recliner. Maybe subconsciously I had been thinking of this all along and it came to light after reading some of the names on the signs. I really do not know. I feel very selfish of the fact that my mom didn't survive her cancer and other cancer patients have but I also know that mom fought really hard and was ready to be well again with Gods help. I do not wish bad on anyone it is just me wishing mom was still here. I am glad for those families of survivors that they are able to share current things with them and it is not just a memory. I guess maybe some of this is that when you loose someone so close to you that you have emotions that hit when you least expect it. It sure did that day for me.

God Speed to those who continue to fight cancer and win!!

August 2, 2007

Cubs, Golf, Bridge, Biking.....

Happy August 2nd! The Cubs started the day tied for the lead in the NL Central!...YEAH! They are currently not playing so well so not sure if they will share first place by the end of the day.
Oh well..they have been playing really well. Their July record was 17-9 and overall they are 56-49 so doing very well.

Golfing just totally SUCKED last night. I lost I think four balls. We teed off on the last hole and then were told of the collapse of the Minneapolis I35W bridge and were just dumb founded than as we walked up to our ball for the second shot they blew the horn to get everyone off the course as there was a storm approaching. I never even added up my score it was so bad....I hope I got that out of my system for Sundays tournament. Sunday is the PanCan Tournament and is always VERY FUN.

Sad note-the collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis is very tragic. I have been over this bridge before as has a lot of people that live or have traveled to Minneapolis. My heart goes out to those whose loved ones are still missing. I hope that everyone that I know in the Minneapolis area are safe and not affected by this.

Good news-we are going to get a few people to ride the Margarita Ride in Vermillion. I had good intentions of riding the other night but chose to hit a few golf balls instead (like that helped). This riding issue will need to be rectified so that training can start for this ride SOON. I am planning on doing the 30 mile ride so not a lot of training needs to be done but just getting your butt used to sitting on the saddle for a few hours is the key.