February 27, 2010

It is a zoo out there!

We had a great day. We decided since it was nice that we would go to the Great Plains Zoo and walk. Of course you know me, I had to bring along the camera. A lot of the animals that pretty much just lay around in the spring and summer were out wondering around. It was fun to see!

Callie was the star of the day. She is an Amur Tiger and the only one
that survived in the litter. She was just a hoot, running through
the snow and playing! She seemed starved for human contact as she was
rubbing against the fence and kind of purring when someone would pay
attention to her. What a cutie!

Black Bears

Snow Leopard (first time I had seen it off the rock!)
She or he was watching Callie!


More Cheetahs

Little monkey eating lettuce. He was hard to take a picture of as
they are behind glass in the winter so you get a lot of glare.

February 21, 2010

Starting a new........

This coming Wednesday will be my last day at my current job, Steeler Door and Hardware (SDH). It is with mixed feelings that I am leaving there after 12 years. Steeler will be totally closing their doors in a couple more weeks.

So, one door closes and others open, is how I look at it. In fact I had three doors and possibly four doors that had been opened or at least someone was knocking! One door would have required a move, which was not an option at all. One door would have allowed working from home, not sure I am totally disciplined enough to do that and I would maybe come to hate the den because it would mean association with work. One door was not offered but they showed REAL interest and I think if I had not already totally committed to the door that is staying open, I would have had another offer.

Now, on to the door that I am going to walk through, March 1st. I will be starting at Builders Supply Company (BSC) here in Sioux Falls. It will be exciting to learn something new and fresh, yet it will be similar work to what I was doing at SDH. I also know the people working there, so it is not like totally starting a new job with new faces, although some will be. It will be a comfort level that I have never had, starting a new job, that is for sure.

I was informed they are working on my new office. Yes, I will have a real office with walls and a door not a cubicle! I did inform them that they better not paint the walls pink. I again was informed that they were looking more at going with the Ozzie-Black Sabbath look.....huh? hahaha.

The bantering has already begun, which is always good!

February 20, 2010


Abe having fun in the snow a couple weekends ago!
He loves the snow so much while the rest of us are SO DONE with it!

February 16, 2010


Few things......

Yes, I am still in a funk, but change is coming and that will be good for all involved, I hope!

Make plans to hit Snakebite's Bike Swap. FAB will have a booth there and you will see me and the famous Hooterville Mayor watching guard over it. If you want to renew your FAB membership we can take care of that or if you want to join FAB for the first time, we can take care of that also! GREAT THINGS are a happening with FAB so don't miss out!

Social networking with FAB! Yup, FAB is on Twitter (Club_FAB) and Facebook (Falls Area Bicyclists 2.0 (FAB))!

Follow this guy and donate to his cause or sign up for one of his ride along-s via bike trainer, info here! It will be fun to follow Mike Dunlap during RAAM. I wish him and his crew much luck!

Have you heard of F.A.S.T. (Falls Area Single Track)? Well, here is some info as to what they are all about. F.A.S.T. along with FAB are helping to grow cycling in Sioux Falls and if you are not a part of it, you should be!

Do we have cyclist working at the state level trying to make the roads safe for all of us? Heck, yes we do! South Dakota Bicycle Coalition is making that happen! Find out what they have been up to and see how you can help!

Hope you have a good Monday....well, as good as Mondays can be, that is...........

February 12, 2010


I am kind of in a funk ...........

February 5, 2010

Do you care about being safe on a bicycle?

If you truly care about being safe on a bicycle than email the South Dakota Senate Transportation Committee about HB70 3-foot bill, TODAY, well, you have a few days, but not many (before Feb 10)! I sent mine off today and you should also.

Read more about it on CycleSD's blog here and South Dakota Bicycle Coalition's website here.

February 1, 2010

Truly blessed.....

Wow, I am truly blessed. I am batting 100% from last week! Two job interviews last week and now I have offers from each company! The pros and cons list has been started and the decision needs to be made in a couple days.