December 29, 2009

2009 recap and on to 2010......

As 2009 whittles down, is it time to reflect about the past year?
Ok, well, if I have too. It is hard to remember what happened as it is all a blur it seems.

I purchased my new camera (Canon 40D) early this past spring and took a couple camera classes and a workshop. We have had a lot of fun with the camera outings from hitting area parks to traveling around the country side with two other Camera Clicking Cyclist to standing out in the BITTER cold TRYING to take pictures of the meteors at 4 in the morning! My techniques are getting better and of course I have been having fun purchasing camera equipment! I have found that I am LOVING taking nature pictures best.

We hit the bike trail a few times this spring and summer and on one memorable occasion we ran into CycleSD and Irish. We rode with them for a bit and then headed back to our vehicle not really realizing how REALLY dark it gets on the bike path when the sun goes down and how scary lightening is when you are in the elements with no shelter in site! Memorable for sure!

Then of course there was the whole ankle flare up. Not sure how it happened exactly but it made me miss the MS150 this past year. I still raised over $500 for the MS society which is always a bonus. Anyway after a few appointments to the local ankle specialist it was determined that my ankle is bad but not bad enough yet. I am totally missing a ligament on the outer side of my ankle and others are damaged from breaking it once, spraining it at least 8 times and of course there is a bone spur. So I have to live with it for a while before anything is done to it...FUN!

I did a lot of cycle officiating this past year. One of the local bike clubs had a criterium every month. They also sponsored the local state criterium and a road race and time trial in Spearfish. We had great crews for all of the events! I also helped with a 2-day race in Norfolk that ended up being the most crazy race I have seen. It rained and hailed. NASTY! Glad I was under a canopy but we all still were soaked! Our local bike club also has a monthly non sanctioned time trial. I was at the turn around point for the time trial. I did re-knew my officials license for next year so we will see how it all goes. If you get a chance to get out and watch some of the races do so and support local cycling. You meet some awesome people in the cycling community!

In July Kris's mom fell and broke her humorus bone (upper arm) almost up by the shoulder so she was unable to do a lot of the work around the farm like she usually does. Kris and I went out and did chores as needed. I of course mowed. I don't mind mowing. They have 4-5 acres to mow and they have two nice mowers to ride. You think about a lot of thinks as you mow. I really would have loved to been able to meet her dad and grandpa. They had quite the dairy set up for a few years and it would have been fun to see the farm in its hay day, no pun intended! Then again I am sure they would not have liked listening to me belt out whatever song I was listening to at the time on the ipod, while mowing! Her mom is all healed up and starting to do strengthening now. I think next July we will wrap her in bubble wrap. In July of 2008 she broke her wrist.

In December we went to Disney! What a great time as always. We walked 51.01 miles in nine days and the ankle was a little sore but no major issues, go figure! We did a lot of different things we have never done before which was a blast!

I look to 2010 as a year of change. For me, I really want to ride more. I didn't commute as much as I had hoped and ride as much as I had hoped for that matter. Sometimes life gets in the way! I also want to hone more of my camera skills and do a workshop out in the hills in September. Other than that there are will be more changes / goals in my life, I am sure, that will come up as the months fly by in 2010!

We have been blessed in 2009 with many memories! I hope 2010 provides you with awesome goals that you accomplish, wealth and health for you and your family!

December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas.........

For the couple of you that read this blog.

Here is wishing you and your family a joyous Christmas.

If you can, make some new memories to hold near and dear to your heart!

With the snow we are to have this week please be smart and travel safe.

Remember the true reason for the season!

Merry Christmas to you all!

December 20, 2009

Some Disney vacation pics


Steven Curtis Chapman reading the Christmas story at the
Candle Light Processional at EPCOT.

Segway Tour at EPCOT! We spent two hours on the Segway, what a blast!

The promotional golf cart at the Palms Golf Course.

The three golfers at hole number 18!

December 14, 2009

Short vacation recap..........

Vacation to Disney World in Florida was AWESOME, even though it rained a bit on us it was all good. Pics to be posted at some point in the next week. I am sure some of you followed our travels from watching the posted pictures on Twitter and Facebook.

If you get a chance to ever go to Disney World they have some great food places and well of course some fun rides.

From Dec 2-the evening of Dec 11 I walked 51.01 miles! If you plan to go to Disney make sure you "train" for vacation otherwise you will be sitting in a bottle of advil to help with the aches!

Funniest thing heard on vacation: I was in the bathroom and in the next stall it was a girl talking with her grandma. "Grandma, I like your big underwear!" I was trying not to laugh but I was also amazed that the grandma didn't chuckle or laugh but politely said, "Well, thank you, I like them also!"

Favorite meal: Fulton's Crab House. The king crab legs were simply amazing! If you go there ask for George, he is a super cool waiter!

Favorite ride: Splash Mountain. We rode it two times in a row without getting out of the log!

Favorite drink: Avocado Margarita at the tequila bar in Mexico! YUMMY! It was really refreshing and awesome!

Favorite extra event: Segway tour. Segways are two wheeled people movers that us a gyro-scope to help you keep balance. They are a BLAST! Ours was a two hour tour. One hour instruction inside and then one hour riding them around the World Showcase at EPCOT. Our tour was cut about 15-20 short because of the rain.

Favorite firework show: Wishes at Magic Kingdom-Holiday version! WOW!

We golfed one day and saw a gator sunning himself on the banks along the canal. We golfed the Palms which is a PGA course. WOW.....the front 9 was nice but the back nine was was very beautiful. We saw an otter, gator, deer and an osprey on our golf outing. Oh yes, even though we did ride a cart we could only stay on the cart path so I still walked over 3 miles that day!

We also found that some of the rides had been upgraded and tweaked a bit which was a nice surprise and all for the best!

Remember, Disney it is not just for kids!