September 18, 2008

Biking, CEUs and Abey..........

This week I biked to work a lot. Good thing the weather has cooperated...well, it is windy today. The Bravada seemed to make it's fuel pump quit working. Seems ironic since it has had that expensive gas to pump through it, nonetheless, it had to be towed from the luge, as we lovingly call our driveway, Monday night. Darn cars, always something when they get old. I guess kind of like us. Anyway we were glad this happened now instead of in Vermillion or Yankton last weekend or for that matter our up coming trek to the Cheesehead state.

So, Kris has been driving the Sidekick and I have been biking all week. Here is the DOWN SIDE. Abe our dog that goes to work with me in the afternoons has been home all week with Wrigley the parakeet. Abe has been giving me the BIG SAD eyes when I head out on my bike after lunch. So tomorrow I will be driving part of the day (afternoon) so Abey can be the afternoon office manager at work. He so loves his title! Someday I will get that bike trailer fixed up so he can ride to work in that on the cooler days.
(First pic Abe with sad eyes. Second pic Abe at work. He loves to sleep under my chair so this is a pretty normal spot for him, even when he was just a puppy he would curl up under my office chair. I do have him an a chain at work as not everyone likes dogs and he pretty much loves everyone!)

I got all my CEUs done for the first responders class...WHEW! Now all I have left is the CPR / AED class on Saturday! This will be a HUGE relief to have done!

Have a great evening! I am heading out to brave the wind that I will be biking directly into!


Anonymous said...

Poor baby, having to stay at home with nothing but a silly bird to keep him company!
My Buddy gives me the sad eyes routine on occasion.
It works.

teamwelliver said...

abster is the can you so no to those eyes?

Anonymous said...

my dogs know when we will be home and hang out in front of the windows and wait for us to drive up. cubs clinch the central