September 4, 2008

The bike is ready and plans are being made.....

Here it is ALMOST FRIDAY! I hate short weeks as they do not seem short at all.

Tonight was fun, we met with friends to plan our Wisconsin trip we are taking in a few weeks. We went to Stubbies, a smoke free bar, which was nice. We of course had to taste the beer to make sure it was fresh and of course not just one glass can taste the freshness of the beer. We have our trip pretty well planned with RELAXING, golf and bike riding. Should be FUN. We are actually going to celebrate Kris's 50th birthday a few weeks late in Wisconsin. You see she turns 50 on September 8th, the same day my sister turns 51, but we are all so busy with work stuff we put off the celebration for a few weeks! We are hitting Spezia's for supper on the 8th with 14 other friends for a evening of fun. I think we even have some people from Yankton that are road tripping up to partake in the event.

Tomorrow night we are going to the Canaries game. I have not been to the minor league ball game since last year when we went with Kris's mom for Lutheran night at the game. We each had to bring a hot dish to pass and there was a free will offering...just kidding.. This year the Birds are contenders for the league championship! We have front row tickets for the game so that will be great.

Harlan's called and my bike is done....YEAH! The only bad thing is that not only the big chain ring was bad but so was the middle chain ring so $244.40 will be the total bill for that fun Saturday morning ride (see previous post)! Oh well, I need to look ahead. The bike is in good shape and will last a lot more years with these new parts!...I HOPE! It will be all ready for the 30 mile margarita ride on the 13th. I have also ordered a speaker (you can get them for a lot less on hook up the new ipod to. It actually comes with a bracket that hooks it up to the waterbottle cage but I think I will be rigging something up in another spot so I can still use that cage area for energy drinks. I hope it works ok. I have a fun mix of 70s thru 90s music to play for the ride.

This weekend I plan on taking the bike out for a little ride around to make sure it feels ok but the rest of the time will be spent working and also working on continuing ed for first responders class.

Everyone have a fun and safe weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Wanna come and join the Bellyton this Sunday for a few miles?