September 16, 2008

Back to commuting......

So, since it was so nice yesterday, I decided to bike back to work after lunch. The normal areas were a bit sore on the body after a ride but they will be fine. The only issue was my ankle was a bit sore. Some of you maybe know I have a terrible right ankle and it seems that biking has not really bothered it. It was strange pain yesterday. It was fine for a bit then a burning ache would set in. Not sure if it is just from the weekend ride, or riding my bike without my bike shoes. Last night I took some good meds before going to bed and this morning it was fine. So, today on the commute I wore my bike shoes just to make sure that it wasn't from biking with my regular shoes, but guess what?....yup, I forgot my regular shoes, so I am looking real sporty today with my bike shoes on! At least most of the office is carpet so I am not clicking around!

This will be a busy all of them have been lately! Lots of works stuff to do but I also have my continuing education to do for being a certified first responder. I have my CPR/ AED for professional rescuer all day Saturday at the Red Cross office. Hand over the $70.00 and take the is the only place I can get it done before my certification expires. I also have 12 hours of education to get in before the end of the month. I am able to do this online but it all takes time and of course I would rather be doing other things. I had intended on doing this Saturday but the CPR class came up so that takes priority at this point and the internet classes will be done in the evenings. There are a few of the C.E.R.T. (community emergency response team) group that took additional classes through Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and then took the NREMT (national registry of emergency medical technicians) test to become certified first responders. I really do not want to take those classes and test again so it is in my best interest to pay the money to take the classes and get it done, the end of the month! Procrastination, you just have to love it!

My co-worker is going to start coming back tomorrow after her lengthy illness. This will be nice but not sure how long she will be able to work and what she will be able to do at this point. We are backed up on a few things so we will see.

Vacation is right around the corner! YEAH! We can hardly wait. We are going to WI for a relaxing time. There are six of us making the trek to Kris's aunt and uncles log cabin. Lots of recharging will happen I hope! We are taking the bikes to ride around and see the different colors autumn has to offer! We are also going to tour the Leinenkugel Brewery in Chippewa Falls which will also be a great time!

I need to look at cool weather cycling gear also at some point....soon!...

Get on your bike this week and treat yourself to the wonders that South Dakota (or insert your own state) has to offer in the fall! It is a great time of the year to bike!

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