September 10, 2008

Nice night for riding.........

I got a few commuting miles (7.01 miles-not big like some of you but not bad for me) in yesterday. I did drive to work in the morning and home at noon then hopped on the bike for the after lunch commute to work. It sure was nice but a little breezy but that was mostly at my back. The commute home was a little more fun. It had clouded over and the wind was coming out of the south, of course the direction I was heading. It was a bit cool but might have been to warm with a jacket. Hit the home front and then decided to ride to the FAB newsletter meeting at Monk's. Let me just say that 8th street from Minn Ave to Phillips is not fun at 20 mph (Yes, it is downhill)! I am lucky to have fillings in my teeth after that! The meeting went well and we pretty much have things all ready so it is a matter of a few questions that need to be asked, information gathered and then getting it over to Bald_N_Surly to do they layout. These meetings are always fun and of course lots of just chatting about biking and whatever. We did notice a lot of bikers down town, riding past Monks with no helmets on!

I found it hard to figure out the right clothing for the little ride last night. I left the jeans on and put on a pullover and it worked ok. Might have been a bit warm on the way down there but it was just right on the way home. It was a nice night for a bike ride. I had a couple girls laughing at me as I pulled up behind their car and I had my blinky headlight on. They were in the backseat, turned around a few and laughed. Not sure it was at me or if they thought the blinky light was pulling them over. Pretty funny. I ignored them so no harm done. I did meet another biker on the road at 9th and Prairie. That was cool and we both said hello to each other with out headlights blinking at each other.

All in all a good night to get out, ride and chat about biking!


Anonymous said...

Air headed little chicks find very many things amusing. Including themselves. I'm sure a lot of the general populace thinks that I am a geek, or dork, or nerd, or what have you.
Like you, I don't care what they think, I am having fun!

Anonymous said...

with the cooler weather is getting harder to pick clothes, don't want to start off to warm or you may really be warm 5 miles into the ride.

Cubbies are still leading the central

Tez said...

Exactly! Like this weekend for the Marg ride it is going to be nice but a little cool to start out.

Yes the Cubbies are still leading..THANK GOD! They are now 5 games up but have a tough schedule yet!