June 25, 2009

Bonus spotting of things you see commuting!

Things I have seen, so far, on the road during my commute this week!

broken cds
pieces of a car after a crash
beer bottle tops
bolt and nut
cigarette butts (yuck)
smashed plastic bottles for various liquids (pop and oil)
dead snake (gardener snake as I called them when I was little)
dead squirrel
part of the handle of my coffee cup (it was in the intersection of Russell and Prairie and there is no way I am stopping to pick it up with that wild traffic!) (coffee cup still hangs off the handlebar just fine!)

Those are all pretty common things we usually all see on daily bike commutes but.....The bonus spotting of today was:
A HUGE SNAPPING TURTLE! He was big, I mean bigger than a dinner plate big! Right in the middle of the road! Kind of odd as he was moving AWAY from the Covel Lake area to no lake the direction he was going. I hope someone puts him back in the lake otherwise the kids in the neighborhood he was heading to will torment the heck out of him! I should have stopped to take a picture of him!


SD_pedalpower said...

At least we are not seeing crack pipes, needles, condoms. It could be worse, eh?

Tez said...

You are VERY correct on that one but I would not rule it out at some point!

Snakebite said...

I saw a snapper on the concrete control structure on the bike path out near the porta potty. It was that big as well. Maybe it's the same fella, just well traveled.

bethwellie said...

my mtb siting excitement today was an armadillo. hadn't seen one yet. but on the drive home I saw a scary snake...he had lots of red on him...glad i was in Clifford and not road riding today!