March 27, 2011

A bucket list trip.......

I have always wanted to head to see some Spring Training games. Of course, as many of you know I am a HUGE Chicago Cubs fan, so it was only natural that Spring Training in Mesa, AZ to see my Cubs play would be on my bucket list. We, me and Kris were lucky to purchase tickets for two games. The first game was the Cubs vs the A's. Right behind home plate and three rows up--SWEET SEATS! The second game was the North Siders (Chicago Cubs) vs South Siders (Chicago White Sox) along the first base line in right field, awesome seats also! This time it was the four of us, me, Kris, Dawn and Christi! The Cubs won both games! WOOHOO! It was awesome!

When Dawn and Christi were working on their golf bucket list, we headed out to see the sites. We hit the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. IT WAS AWESOME! We saw about a third of the trails in this area. Amazing facility and would love to go back sometime and take one of their tours or go in the evening time. We also drove the Apache Trail. WOW! This trail has 22 miles of gravel. If you ever do this drive, make sure you do the loop clockwise! There are areas that have one lane and HUGE drop offs with not a lot of guardrails to try and keep you on the road. Amazing views and pictures just do not do this justice at all.

It was an awesome time.............hope you enjoy the photos......

March 12, 2011

An excursion and a birthday party!

Headed out on a few excursions today. Abe, the dog, tagged along which after the fact, I should have left him home, but I feel bad leaving him home alone. So, I headed west out to Hwy 19 and to the Parker, SD area. A co-worker had told me that there were snow geese out that direction. Nothing like getting out and seeing the country on a cold windy day! I did find a few fields of snow geese, but the geese were out a bit to far for my lens. Then I see a bald eagle in the ditch eating on something. This is when I wish I had a fancy mail delivery car or we had the same law as are England or, at the very least, had left Abe home! I drove down the road and turned around and drove slow back to where the eagle was having lunch. I made sure there were no cars coming and I slowly drove closer. Of course the bald eagle was very wise and took off. I tried to snap a few pics but they are all over exposed...DAMN! I turn around and looked back into the trees where the bald had escaped and saw a big golden eagle sitting in the trees. Seeing a bald and a golden eagle made my day! I decided after a few country mud roads it was time to head back to town for a birthday party!

Today the Great Plains Zoo had a one year birthday party for their three Amur Tigers. The tigers had frozen meat cakes to eat and play with. The crowd sang happy birthday to them. I truly get a kick out of watching the Amur Tigers! Of course I snapped a few pics as always.

They also have a new addition to the primate exhibit. A little three week old gibbon. What a cutie.

Enjoy the pics.............

March 5, 2011