November 17, 2009


Leonid, Sneeonid! Went looking for the meteors and did see some. Maybe about a half dozen all very SMALL but at least we were not skunked, after all it was early in the morning (2:45am alarm went off) then got the camera ready, we hopped into warm clothes and drove out of town to get a better view.

Yup, to view, bright, little, short, streaks crossing the sky, in a nano-second. All was not lost though. There is something to be said about standing along a country road with a camera on a tripod in warm clothes, yup, that included my Elmer Fudd hat and looking up at the sky or watching Kris jump up and down flapping her arms to keep warm. Then the coldness settled around the hands and feet. We were finished.

November 2, 2009

What? November?

Can this really be true that it is November 2nd? Wow, where has this year gone? Seems time goes faster as we get older. Why is that? Is it because our days are numbered? It is just amazing to me. Seems like it was just yesterday that we were all worried about Y2K!

So, it is November and now to mess with us even more, lets change the time! Not only do we have to wonder where all the days have gone, but now we gain an hour! UGH!