August 1, 2012

Olympic gripes...........

Loving the Olympics so far, but have a few gripes.

I am tired of the reporters that keep picking at athletes after their competition.....GIVE THEM SOME ROOM to enjoy what just happened or deal with their defeat.  

Enough of the cameras almost up athlete noses when they are on the medal stand and zooming in on their eyes to see if they will be emotional or not. AGAIN GIVEN THEM SOME ROOM! 

Really, Ryan Seacrest?

This gripe is for my wearing of sports bras on the outside of your shirt.

The only other thing, I think each athlete should have the the respect of their nation to at least mouth their national anthem when on the medal stand.  If you don't know the words LEARN THEM as this is your country that you are representing.



Snakebite said...

My gripe with NBC's coverage is the lack of diversity. You'd think there is only gymnastics and swimming in the Olympics if you went by what they cover. I'd like to see a lot less coverage time on individual athletes backgrounds/stories and a lot more on the events I'd never get to see otherwise.

Tez said...

Mr Bite, I totally agree!

Wellie said...

Seriously! No sports bras over shirts!! Dear lord!
I am also incredibly annoyed with Olympic coverage. I live for the Olympics and NBC is sucking the life out.