March 26, 2007


Well, it seems it has been a while since my last blog.....SORRY.....we have been busy planning our vacation to Disney World and then going there for 11 fun filled days. I will not let that much time between blogs elapse again....again SORRY!

The six of us had a great time at Disney in Florida. We did some things we had not done before like take a couple tours, golf and some did the spa thing. I did the Behind the Seeds tour at the Land. It was ok. Would I do it again.....only if someone felt REALLY strongly about it and didn't want to go by themselves. Three of us did the Segway tour at EPCOT. WHAT A BLAST even though I got thrown off it once...but didn't hit the deck which was good. Would I do that tour again..HELL, YES!!!! Two the friends did the Dolphins in Depth tour and said it was GREAT also. Four of us golfed one day and the other two went to the spa and were pampered. God knows they needed that and glad we let them go so they were not part of our cuss words, ball loosing, miss hitting, snake seeing, water everywhere, tree hitting, tree house hitting, bunker bashing, I am not going in there - you can't make me, golfing experience. It was a lot of fun but I am sure the other golfers thought we were a bit on the wacky side golfing with our "Golf-ears" on. Yes we all got our first set of Mickey Ears and golfed with them on. Great time was had by all...even though a few of us had been over served the night before and started a little on the slow side of life.

We rode all our favorite rides and even rode splash mountain 10 times in three days!! We got SOAKED a few times but again LOTS of fun. We had numerous magical moments which were SWEET, fast passes, free drinks, riding a ride over and over with out getting out of the log/car were just a few. Then of course there was another magical moment for one friends (poopy pants) but not so magical for us....I will not go into detail but it was a crappy experience.

Food / wine / services was great as always, from the bartender at California grill that told us he refines his trade at home to 50's prime time when two people in our party had to sing the "I'm a little tea pot song....."

Disney did bring up some emotions for me. This was a place that we had taken my mom on vacation in 1998. We could not help but think of her while we were there and how she reacted to some of the rides and reliving those memories. What great memories they are. Sometimes it would put a smile on my face and other times a tear to my eye. I had a huge melt down one night that we were over served but made it through with the help of VERY understanding friends.

This vacation was needed by the six of us and all for different reasons. For myself I think it was part of a rebuilding process in my life. The last three years of mom's life was helping her fight her cancer. Even though I was not the one going through it I tried to help her with as much as I could. The last few months of her life I had taken on the motto..NO REGRETS....I would do as much as I could physically and mentally. Looking back it is almost a blur. I can't believe I did as much as I did. This would not have been possible without the great strength I got from my five very close friends and two very strong ladies in Yankton. All these people I am proud to call my family. LOVE YOU GUYS!! I also have gained great strength from my mom who was such a fighter and took on her cancer head on and made me very proud to call her my mother.
She has made me a better person.......THANK the rebuilding beings...for life is a journey not a destination.